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Crop Circle The real Picture

Crop Circles

The Real Picture

Crop circles are symbolic patterns which have been forming around the globe in crop laden fields for as long as present day history can recall. They have been increasing in number since the mid 1970's & have attracted all kinds of attention since. Even though 'Crop Circles' is a famous term but the designs are not always circular & thus the more accurate term would be 'Crop Designs or Formations'. One thing which is immediately clear to anyone (barring professional sceptics!) who steps into any real crop circle for the first time is that they are not man-made. We can't even draw these patterns properly on a piece of paper in a matter of minutes let alone stamp them on a huge area on a wheat field with hairbreadth precision.

PT live at the Aeioum CropCircle

Story of the Om (Aeioum) Crop Circle of 07/07/07

Begins Officially at University of Magic

Vedic New Year started on 7th of april, Solar New Year on 14th of April, but the Magic New Year on 19th of April ! The first magic circle of 2008 besides being flower of life toroidal stamp also encodes 2008 in it

Crop Circle 2009

1st Crop Circle of 2009

Begins with this simple yet meaningfull formation. 9 Space can be counted among the circluar rings and the 0’s signify the year 09 or 2009

Crop Circle 2009

On 05.05.10

a symmetrical date we startedLotus Ocean Radio & on the same date we have....

On 24th April 2011

Lotus Ocean published a film
titled “Golden tornado angel swirl".
A few days later this happens.
1st authentic Crop formation of 2011
in UK appears next to silbury hill.

Crop Circle 2012

the 2012 crop circle magic begins with
what else but a 12 petalled flower

12 for 12 in 2012

and 20’s as well in the middle and
the outer one appears near east kennett
on 14th April being the start of new year...
the real new year !
so 2-0-12 right at the new year day
... Perfect !

12 petals being 12 aspects of shakti
as in 12 signs of zodiac etc
again no coincidence that this design
followed our film shakti && shaktii

PT avatar
Pt avtar 2013
PT avtar 2013
Crop Circle 2013

the first crop formation of 2013 in Britain (Bharatania)
is clearly/simply a Magnetic Compass but why?
answer once again lies within PT’s activities...
PT’s 2012-13 built abode is perfectly aligned to earth’s magnetic
North East West South.
The main cottage is shown in center square and the 4 pyramid
Even the half moon arc
feature of the abode are shown as part of the compass design

PT Avtar 2014
Crop Circle 2014

Last 9 films on Lotus Ocean have been about PT’s Plays in Navratris...
9 sacred Moons & what do the crop formations bring in 2014...

as always to celebrate PT’s activities

5th Sacred Moon play

the 16 markers on the circle boundary represent 16 Kalas/phases
of the Moon
the spiral represents PT’s magic rituals

Crop Circle 2014
PT avtar 2014
PT avtar 2015

It was Avatar’s birthday (Solar Return)
on 21-05-2105 & this followed...

a crop design which has Solar disk in the center...
the 13 emanations represent the 12 SIGNS of the ZODIAC + the observer...
so it is clearly representiing Solar Return .
Sun going throght 12 signs and coming back to the same spot what is commonly called Birthday..
It was the Fourth Moon (fourth day of Moon’s phase) on 21-05-2015...
PT’s Birthday

Crop Circle 2015
PT avtar 2016
PT avtar 2016

A very Solar Design same as the declaration scene.

Crop Circle 2016

A very Solar Design same as the declaration scene.
A vert fast response to PT’s declaration...
..Stamping the truth

Crop Circle 2016

the 10 spokes have to do with the 10 spokes on
PT’s SunTele guitar...
Not far from the where PT does the declaration...

PT avtar 2017

In 2017 PT enters UK in April ...& ...
Voila ! the First Crop Circle of 2017
appears in April itself..

Crop Circle 2017

So what does it depict ?!
simply a Lunar Crescent and a Guittar !!
& that’s once more related to what PT has been upto..
cant be clearer ... + Lunar + Guitar + P Plays appears near Cherhill White Horse, UK...
PT’s Guitar Printed in Navratri Lunar Style appears on 16th April 2017...
3 days after PT’s arrival in UK...

PT avtar 2017
PT avtar 2018
PT avtar 2018
PT avtar 2018
PT avtar 2018

Live Play of PT with water striders...
PT is taking about himself ‘doing action’
here on this plane...
like water striders do on water

on 8th May 2018 this Cop Circle design appears...

Crop Circle 2018

Its a water strider!
now how does that relate to PT ?!...
for that we have to look at a LotusOcean Philm called “PT karnatak”
One can see the circular ripple patterns
make in water...
the same way PT makes ripples in the consciousness here ...


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