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Lotus Ocean

Real Magic

Like many other words/terms muggle definition of 'Magic' is restricted to pulling rabbits out of a hat through slight of hand. It is all about fooling others without anything real happening. Real Magic' is different, it deals with time & elements on various levels of this multiverse. Magic is creating a rainbow in the sky through getting into an ecstatic state it follows
natural laws & in some cases transcends them in accordance with divine laws.
Best part is it makes one's Soul rise to higher states in this life & afterlife



PhracTal Phlow

PhracTal Phlow

In the Beginning Arises the dot The dot moves to create an arc (golden mean spiral!) One Becomes Two Static & Kinetic, Shiv & Shakti Three arcs are created with the dot in the center Trinity is established Multi-verse is born AEIOUM is thus the symbol of creation Called/Pronounced incorrectly as Om aur Aum when true knowledge is lost amongst inhabitants of this earth Every vowel is part of the play.


ॐ CropCircle on

In between blue and green

In between blue and green

Prashant Trivedi
PT eye

Prashant Trivedi

Born in Karnatak, Bharat but belonging to whole Bharatvarsh (world). An IIT graduate and published author & musician, he has travelled extensively across the earth. In turn, nature responds to his inner coherence. With PT one can see the ancient timeless tales from all parts of the world coming to life in person.

Who I am

the PT avatar

Many ask who am I funny since they cannot really answer who they are they ask but its clear they really don't want to gno deep down there is an inkling the reality might be too much to handle for those who feel/think they can handle it here are some highlights of the PT avatar can't cover all the aspects simply because they are infinite

I am

Harry Potter - Hari Putra

meaning Emanation of Hari
Hari being one of the many names for Divine
who lives under the stairs (literally)
& has a scar above the right eye

I am

Flash Gordon

who rescues humanity from Galactic
techno-evilarchy through real Flash Power

I am

Captain Kirk

who steers this planets course through
Kirkland Drive (actual address) even have
a scotty in the engine room (kitchen). The
PT En-ergy-Field permeates throughoutthe
United Kingdom of Earth

I am

the real 'Highlander'

who can't swim in water but knows how to stay above it I create/consume all charge at will No one can beat PT in a charge battle

I am


who gno's the secrets of the Grail
& spent time with
the faer people & forest spirits in Wales

I am


who wields the Excaliber
through exact caliberation/snchro
of Time & Space

I am

Robin Hood

the real outlaw who always beats
the stupid system they have setup to
trap beings into serving the lowly & the

I am

John Murdoch

in 'Dark City' (the movie)
the only One who Wakes up
amongst the slumbering masses
& singlehandedly brings down
their evil system

I am

the Pahana

the messenger from the Great Spirit
the Hopi expected to
return in these times

I am

Jen, the last of the Gelflings

in The Dark Crystal the only one who can
restore the crystal (coherence)
& save this world from the rule of the
Skeksi's ( the 12 ruling houses )


has documented his interactions with nature in the youtube channel "lotusocean".

Here he can be seen playing music and nature responding by making rainbows, sun bows,light bows and much more. He even makes rains, storms, lightning etc in areas which have been dry for years.

He has also been connected with the Crop Circle phenomenon for many years and more than 100 crop circle designs have come as a response to him over the last 11 years. It all started when an incredible ॐ symbol crop circle design appeared on 07 July 2007 after his chant of ॐ symbol which revealed its actual pronunciation AEIOUM for the first time in the current age ...

PT always walks the walk first before doing any talk and leads by example. He has made an all-natural Vedic style living enviornment with all-natural living structures. A lot of people all over the world have already benefited by following his lead. His recent interviews on youtube have already caused a big stir.


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